Super Sixes Tourney - 2016

February 6th, 2016 - Miracle City IND : The ball spins in the sky, crosses the boundaries and reaches the audience. Confused? It is exactly what happens when our teams playing the Super Sixes Cricket hit every ball for a sixer. Cricket has become the most favourite and branded sport for everyone as people of all ages join hands to enjoy the excitement of game.

"Before you lay a foundation on the cricket field, there should be a solid foundation in your heart and start building on that" one of the best sayings of the cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. All the Miraclites from the Nineteen Teams followed him by laying a strong foundation in their hearts to kick off the match which was held on February 06th, 2016 in Miracle City.

Miracle Super Sixes Tournament on a joyous weekend is a great platform that brought together the Miracle employees. And, it had been such a neat gathering that no one ever wanted to leave the place. The teams have participated and played vigorously. Finally, there was a great tie between the teams of Rajesh Nachireddy and Satish Mudunuri, and Rajesh Nachireddy’s team made the victory all around.

Finally the day got its wings to be energetic and noisy. Trophies were awarded for both the runners and the winners while everyone had an enthralling entertainment. The great support among the audience for their respective teams made the game more competitive and distinctive. The day has been enlightened up with sparkles among the winners and also some spicy snacks besides cool drinks offered at cafeteria.

List of winners for Super Sixes Tournament

Winners Team(Team Code- A4)

  • Rajesh Nachireddy
  • Santosh Kunibilli
  • Subramanyam Nelli
  • Sudhir Pamulaparthi
  • Yogendra Nimmala
  • Dileep Varma Mudunuri
  • Srinu Meesala
  • Santosh Srikanth Adidam
  • Dileep Sura
  • Srikar Reddy Gondesi

Man of the Series : Santosh Subramanyam Nelli

Man of The Match Winners :

  • Santosh Srikanth Adidam(Final)
  • Kiran Mouli Yadav Nakka
  • Satish Raju Mudunuri
  • Santosh Subramanyam Nelli
  • Prakash venkata Chittada
  • Santosh Subramanyam Nelli
  • Santosh Subramanyam Nelli
  • Eswar Manchala
  • Nagendra Mohan Gudupu
  • Prakash Venkata Chittada (Semi Final)
  • Shakti Dewangan
  • Aditya venkat Chinni
  • Santosh Srikanth Adidam
  • Sunil Gollapalli
  • Yogeswara Rao Palli
  • Swaroop Kalanadabhatla
  • Deep Kumar Velaga