World's Stationery Day - 2016

Miracle celebrated World Stationery Day on April 27th, 2016 to spread awareness of the importance of Stationery and its need in our daily life. Today’s world is unbelievably digitalized with technology, and it is making things get done in an easier way. Stationery is an economical indulgence. Collecting stationery is far cheaper than hoarding shoes, bikes, surfboards, or tattoos.

On the eve of World Stationery Day, Miraclites organized a never seen before game designed by our creative people of Miracle. Picture of Coins was provided with a bowl full of coins from which the players needed to pick the right coin which replicates the picture with the same year, value and pattern of coin. A time limit of 1 minute was set in which player needed to match as many as he or she can. Active participation took place within the employees, which made the atmosphere cheerful and enthusiastic.

Everyone tried out the best of them to make the maximum number of matches. The highest number of matches was 7 coins, and guess what it was a tie. Are you thinking that it was a tie between 2 players? Sorry, that is a no, it was between 3 players. Isn't it a thrilling moment? It was like, the excitement, not just doubled it but tripled it up. A rematch took place in which first the winner was revealed, and then the runner. The winners were gifted a packet each which enclosed a pen stand, push pin box, sticky notes, a pen, and a coffee mug with Miracle logo imprinted on it. Miraclites enjoyed the evening with this cool event.