Sports Gala-2018

January 20th, 2018 - Miracle City : Sports play a great role in maintaining and improving health, fitness, mental skills and concentration levels. Bringing out the inner sport talents of our employees, this year’s Miracle Sports Gala did a fantastic job on January 20th, 2018 at be Miracle City. Volleyball, throwball, shuttle, cricket, carrom and chess is the list of games that recharged everyone.

Our employees have participated in all the games with utmost interest and made the day so exciting. The day started with Hong Kong cricket and all the crowd enjoyed the matches. Simultaneously, followed by throw ball, chess and carrom were played till the evening. It’s almost dusk and the whole crowd gathered at the volleyball court to glimpse the enthusiastic play of our employees. Everyone enjoyed the game and cheered the players for their outstanding play.

Every team played very well and competed hard with their opponents, maintained team spirit till the end. In the night we had movie one after the other for refreshment from routine days. The crowd spilled all over the ground and enjoyed the movie.

The winners are been awarded by our HR Managers Swaroop Pusapati and Ramesh Thamada. Following teams are the winners & runners of Sports Gala 2k18

  • Volleyball - Development & Delivery, Sales & Business Development
  • Throw Ball - Innovation & Marketing
  • Shuttle - Sales & Business Development
  • Carroms - Development & Delivery
  • Chess - Development & Delivery, Sales & Business Development
  • Cricket - Marketing & Innovation , Sales & Business Development