Sports Gala-2015

December 12th 2015 - Miracle City : Sportive play ground, encouraging crowd and the competitive team with lots of games which include indoor and outdoor sports. Do you think it’s all about Sports Tournament?? Then you are mistaken it’s Miracles Annual Sports Gala ‘2K15. Miracle has successfully completed sports gala at Miracle City on December 12th, 2015. The year ending gave a blasting bash with all the sports that have been participated with lots of eagerness and joy. We have experienced an evening with lots of piercing sounds from crowd making the area feel more competitive.

All the employees who have participated in this sports gala and emerged as winners once again proved that they are active and energetic. As a part of this sports gala, team games like Volleyball and Throwball are being organised along with Shuttle, Table Tennis, Chess and Carroms. Even though there is tough competition among the players, there was a great enthusiasm and spirit that lightened up their faces. The crowd thronged around the ground and encouraged their favourite teams. The Sports Gala ended on a success note as all the employees made this event flourishing by their active participation and victory.

Following teams are the winners of Miracle’s Annual Sports Gala ’15

  • Volleyball - Sales and Business Development
  • Throw Ball - Development and Delivery
  • Shuttle - Sales and Business Development, facility manager
  • Table Tennis - Sales and Business Development
  • Carroms - Marketing and Innovation
  • Chess - Development and Delivery