Fight for a Cause

January 26th, 2015- Miracle City & Miracle Heights, IND : Republic day is the day that the constitution of India came into effect. It is the day that we decided to rule ourselves and started carving a space out for ourselves amongst the world. In the last 66 years we have made some progress, but there is still a long way to go before achieving the dream that so many Indians have. Every year we celebrate India's greatest victory as our Republic Day. To honor and commemorate the heroics and efforts of our patriots on this great day, Team Miracle came together to celebrate our success with the school children of Northern Andhra.

Standing together and pooling together resources, in an event where over 200 miracles participated, we were able to give hope and dreams for these innocent souls. The teams at Miracle Heights helped a school get back on their feet by donating stationery, giving moral support & guidance and also helping to build two new water tanks for the school as well. It was also an honor that our Director – Recruitment, Siva Ratnala was able to attend the event and the flag hoisting.

The Miracle City teams also rallied together to help donate water purifiers, wall clocks, stationery, chocolates, flags, first-aid kits and plants to 6 schools in and around Miracle City. More than 60 volunteers came front to cover these 6 schools, as more than the material, we were able to give new hope to the children. Their voices echoed through the day as they celebrated India's victory, and head home with new hope and motivation, knowing that the future waits for their success.

Miracle continues to be involved actively in helping locals get the required amenities and bring new hope to their lives. We believe that their dreams are ours, and that together we can create a better world to live in.