Quarterly Meet 3- 2014

October 25th, 2014 - Miracle City, IND : It was a festival of colors as the Miracle Family came together to celebrate its 3rd Quarterly Meet of 2014 on October 25th at Miracle City. The event had a great start up with a warm welcome note. All the employees enthusiastically participated in fun filled games which made them have a great time throughout the event.

The first game which made all the employees to raise their enthusiasm was the balloon blast game played by four of our employees and Venkata Aditya Chinni from IoT team came first by blasting 11 balloons in 120 seconds while others were on 8 still. And thereafter the fun filled games carried on with the Nine Blocks game and the banana eating game in which all the employees took an active part in participation.

A stand up appreciation was given by all the employees with a great admirable speech by Madan Mohan to all the true heroes of Miracle who helped us a lot during Cyclone HUDHUD. The party rocked that evening with few cultural events by ITG 62 trainees and by some of the resources from B2B. Team Miracle finally kicked off the best part of the event with a fashion show with the nominees of Mr.Stylish and Ms.Stylish and they were awarded with dazzling crowns. At last the party came to an end with a dinner and on the whole more memories were created for the Miracle Family.

It was a fun filled night as employees sang, danced and rocked an action filled night.