Q#3 Meet - 2018

The auditorium is perfect, and the scena still retains some of its decorations! The viewers showed a great enthusiasm for the events happened at the 3rd Quarterly Meet which was celebrated on October 27th, 2018. This made all the Miraclites gather at one place to meet each other and cherish the evening with their loved ones.

The event was commenced with a warm welcome note by Siva Kusampudi that grabbed the attention of the audience. The pleasantness continued with few magnificent and energetic dance performances by our employees and a beautiful song sung by Prasanth Dasaraju. The performances have pumped up the excitement in the audience and even made them hum their favorite tunes and tapped the floor.

Q#3 Meet
Q#3 Meet

The Miraclites were all cheered up by watching the Best Performers awards received as their token of success for the 3rd Quarter by our beloved CEO, Prasad Lokam. After the ceremony, he enlightened the crowd with his insights over Bots, RPAs and trending digital technologies that are emerging in this contemporary world.

No party ends up simply without the food feast! The aroma of the food made our Miraclites to taste all the mouth-watering dishes with their loved ones alongside with the cool melodies. The evening was really so delightful to watch all the smiling faces with chit chats which added the beauty to the 3rd Quarterly Meet.

Best Employee Awards :
  • Santosh Kola - Development
  • Midhilesh Thokachichu - Development
  • Srinivas Kudapa - Development
  • Ranjith Chinnari - Development
  • Anil Kumar Reddy Puttaparthi - Development
  • Mohana Vamsi Krishna Pallapothu - Development
  • Sudheer Koraganji - Development
  • Chandra Sekhar Nagampalli - Development
  • Hemanth Ampolu - Development
  • Bala Gangadhar Tilak Pechetti - Development
  • Sivateja Donthukurthi - Development

  • Sivateja Donthukurthi - Development
  • Kurma Rao Vanka - Development
  • Gopi Krishna Macha - Development
  • Vamsi Krishna Nadendla - Development
  • Keerthan Arisetty - Marketing
  • Avinash Pantham - Recruitment
  • Narayana Raju Jerripothula - Recruitment
  • Subham Kumari Singh - Sales
  • Vikash Dan Bunga - Sales
  • Shanmukha Raju Mandapati - Sales
  • Murali Adapa - Marketing