Q#2 Meet - 2018

Unlimited fun, Victory applauds, Inspiring words, and Delicious food! Miracle’s 2nd Quarter Party of this year was a package of fun which kicked off at our very own Miracle City Auditorium on July 14th, 2018. This gathered Miraclites and their loved ones to indulge in the success of the best performers and some entertainment.

The event started off with some energetic dance performances to the heart-pumping beats. This made the audience move their feet with excitement and made it much livelier when they got involved into it. The energy followed up with a funny interview skit which was performed by the hosts of the event.

Q#1 Meet 2018
Q#1 Meet 2018

Melody always soothes our soul! Satish Mongam grabbed the attention of the crowd with his melodious singing and to add few people in audience danced to their heart. After a soothing to ears our beloved CEO, Prasad Lokam took over the attention with his inspiring words and awareness over the latest technologies and innovations.

The party is incomplete without awarding our best performers for the quarter! Prasad Lokam awarded our best performers with their token of success for all the efforts and commitment which they have shown towards their work. All the awardees shared their views and experiences which was very good to hear.

Again comes some fun with an exciting game Cups balancing which was played by 4 teams and one of them made it till the end and won the game. Eventually, our Managing Director of Marketing and Innovations, Chanakya Lokam had graced the dias and delivered the vote of thanks to all. The event wrapped up with a great Andhra style meal which included many lip smacking dishes, desserts, and salads.

Best Employee Awards :
  • Surya Teja Ganta - Development
  • John Vesli Chitri - Development
  • Nanaji Gompa - Development
  • Sai Lakshmi Chandrika Garre - Development
  • Praveen Kumar Chella - Development
  • Trinadh Reddy Kampa - Development
  • Priyesh Singh - Development
  • Sree Vidya Poola - Development
  • Karimulla Babu Kallepalli - Development
  • Devika Rani Muddana - Development
  • Sayed Rizvani - Development
  • Gandhi Mandapati - Development

  • Madhu Kumar Tammeneni - Development
  • V S Ramanjaneya Sarma Garimella - Development
  • Ravindra Reddy Yakkanti - Development
  • Rajesh Kumar Kanumetta - Development
  • Rajeev Varma Gottimukkala - Marketing
  • Chandan Raju Putcha - Recruitment
  • Sandeep Reddy Kaki - Recruitment
  • Prudhvi Raj Surneddy - Sales
  • Ravi Teja Nanepalli - Sales
  • Sukumar Dundi - Sales
  • Ravi Teja Boppana - Sales
  • Venu Akula - Sales