Quarterly Meet 2- 2015

A day when India celebrated its independence and a day when Miracle Software Systems, Inc. had its Q#2 meet in its 21st year was a symbol of success which gave new hopes for the year 2015. Miracle Heights, a beautiful place on the hill caps of Rushikonda with cool breeze all around and beautiful beach down the cliffs was a perfect spot for our employees and their loving families and friends to make any party harmonic and unforgettable. A warm welcome note by Mr. Sasanka Alluvada gave a good start for the event. We had a bunch of fun filled activities like games and culturals played and performed by a pack of Miraclites. Inspirational speeches by our beloved Directors and Managers from various departments gave us strength and insight to lead ourselves better in the next quarters.

This time we came up with a new theme for the event, i.e "Your team, Your strength, Your tradition". The main aim for putting up the theme was to see some enthusiasm in our employees. The attractive aspect of the theme was the Best Attire. As it is well said that "Teamwork makes dreams work", the strength of a team depends on the unity spread among the team. Some of the proposed attires were Bollywood, Punjabi, Gujarati and South Indian Style. All the Miraclites had showed off their excitement by showing up in different attires at this striking Q#2 Meet. And, finally our beloved HR Team was recognized as the theme winner and the members of the team were awarded with a momento.

The event continued to stir interest in the audience as many games were organized. There were two teams in the game of Tug of War, one from Miracle City and the other from Miracle Heights. The game ended up as draw. It was totally a funny and an interesting game. Other games were Clock Wise Countdown and Series Fire. In the middle of the event, few of the children at the party got on the stage and took a chance to dance and entertained our audience. As per the remarkable achievements of the employees in the second quarter of the year 2015, Employees from various departments were awarded with the "Best Performer Award" for their quality work. For this Q#2, there were a total of 13 Awardees from Development, 5 from Sales, 4 from Recruitment, 1 from HR and another 2 from Marketing. All the employees had a great time in the event by participating in fun filled activities and finally the event was closed with a delicious dinner in the night.

Best Employee Awards
  • Madhavi Latha Chippala - Development
  • Lakshmi Prasanna Reddy - Development
  • Venkata Subrahmanyam Voleti - Development
  • Vinay Kumar Bommana - Development
  • Sudheer Gundra - Development
  • Janardhan Naidu Chandaka - Development
  • Phanidhar Swarna - Development
  • Murali Krishna Bharanikana - Development
  • Kusumanjali Chappa - Development
  • Anil Babu Lalam - Development
  • Kiran Reddy Lankala - Development
  • Vamsi Krishna Karri - Development
  • Mahesh Mediboyina - Development

  • Surya Santosh Kumari Pentakota - HR
  • Srinivas Patnala - Marketing
  • Pavan Kumar Rayi - Miracle Labs
  • Iqbal Hussain Shaik - Recruitment
  • Sri Ram Kumar Senapathi - Recruitment
  • Irfan Hussain Shirazi - Recruitment
  • Mojib Alam - Recruitment
  • Ravi Sankar Dharmala - Sales
  • Santosh Kumar Akkinapalli- Sales
  • Ashok Chakravarthy Meduri- Sales
  • Venkatesh Kedarisetti- Sales
  • Satya Manu Yelamanchili- Sales