Q#1 Meet - 2018

A beautiful day with an energetic crowd was the main decoration to our first QMeet held on April 21st, 2018 at our very own digital auditorium at Miracle City. This collaboration brought many smiles which made the event much more exciting from the moment it started with its schedule.

Starting off with the Adventure Race, which was a package of fun-filled games made the employees go wet and powerup with excitement. Then, at the party in the evening Miraclites got indulged in hand-printing with vibrant colors, fun games, and the most wowed-moment was the Lucky Draw for the mighty movie, Avengers - Infinity War.

Q#1 Meet 2018
Q#1 Meet 2018

At the meet, Aditya Chinni, Manager - Miracle Innovation Labs introduced the first year engineering students who worked on latest projects. Our honorable CEO, Prasad Lokam with appreciating the students, spoke about blockchain and other digital transformation technologies. The walls of the auditorium resonated by the inspiring words of our Director - Marketing and Innovations, Chanakya Lokam who gave a brief over the enhancements of our internal apps and future advancements.

Hard work always pays off! Our dignitaries awarded the quarter’s best performers with a token of their success and the annual's best employees with an exclusive foreign trip in recognition of their commitment. At the end of the party, winners of The Selfie Contest were announced and their selfie was displayed on the big screen.

The event wrapped up with a great Andhra style meal which included many mouthwatering dishes, desserts, and salads. All the employees enjoyed the food and party with their families, colleagues and friends which made many beautiful memories

Best Employee Awards :
  • Ramajanardan Randhi - Development
  • Narayya Guptha Dangeti - Development
  • Pavan Kumar Rayi - Development
  • B N Sandhya Betha - Development
  • Srinivas Reddy Karri - Development
  • Hemanth Kumar Yadav Thota - Development
  • Anil Gundra - Development
  • Mithun Roy Thadi - Development
  • Ajay Pentapati - Development
  • Sanjeevi Addankula - Development
  • Divya Chandaluru - Development
  • Sivaji Gunaparthi - Development
  • Anjana Srivalli Vallabhajosyula - Development
  • Anil Kumar Kottana - Development

  • Shyam Kishor - Development
  • Jagadeeswara Rao Avu - Development
  • Chandra Sekhara Reddy Yarramreddy - Development
  • Hari Kiran Enireddy - Development
  • Gowtham Kommabathula - Development
  • Sitakanta Tripathy - Development
  • Venkata Siva Sai Pavan Anand Chinthalapudi - Development
  • Maha Lakshmi Prasanna Aditya Kilara - Marketing
  • Santoshi Venkata Satya Supriya Kadari - Recruitment
  • Sai kalyan Peri - Recruitment
  • Srinivasa Raju Mandapathi - Recruitment
  • Jeevan Paul Pacha - Sales
  • Rupa Venkata Satya Ramya Tikkani - Sales
  • Vasantha Supraja Nemani - Sales