Quarterly Meet 1 | 2017

A pleasant climate, inspirational speeches and delicious dinner made the first quarterly meet of 2017 more memorable. The beautiful evening on May 4th, 2017 filled loads of happiness and excitement to begin the event in both Miracle City and Miracle Heights. Unforgettable and inspirational speeches by our Managers from different departments uplifted the event.

It was a beautiful day for best employees as our Managers, Mr. Ravi Ijju, Mr. Varma Jampana and many others gave energetic speeches which motivated to give the best deliveries in the next quarters. With sincere appreciation for making our progress possible, employee appreciation fiesta has begun!

The event was highlighted with the gracious presence of our beloved Vice President, Mr. Ravi Kalaga and his inspiring words to the best performers. As a recognition for their excellent results in this quarter, he presented them the best performer awards and blessed for their future achievements.

Q#1 Meet
Q#1 Meet

Because of their dedication and produced outputs, our employees were honoured to receive the best performance awards. The glorifying experiences and contributions to Miracle from every awardee encouraged other people in the work environment. The day ended up with a delicious dinner and our best performers made the event more colourful and took snapshots for capturing their memorable moments.