Quarterly Meet 1- 2015

We celebrated Q#1 Meet on 11th of April, 2015 at Miracle City Auditorium, as a symbol of successful completion of our first quarter which gave a good kick off for the year 2015. All our employees in the presence of their loving families and friends made this event a great success. A warm welcome note by Ms. Jeevan Keerthi gave a good start for the event. We had fun filled activities like games, dances, mimicry performed by Miraclites. Unforgettable and inspirational speeches by our beloved CEO Mr. Prasad Lokam and Managers from different Departments motivated us to drive ourselves better in the coming quarter.

Mr.Prasad Lokam our beloved CEO gave an inspirational and motivational speech for the entire gathering about our efforts in the upliftment of Visakhapatnam to develop it as a Silicon Valley of IT Industry and the social statistics for our society. And he also shared about the 5 strategies that continued to keep us a Business leader in the current IT situation: Diversifying our business, Having QA testing in our portfolio as one of the major services, Expanding Database team and Services, Services on M2M Embedded Systems, and Expertise in Big Data and Analytics. He also announced Miracle’s partnership with HP on providing QA services globally.

Mr.Chanakya Lokam, Director of Marketing and Innovation presented the audience with some informative facts on the numbers of Vision 2020 goal. He also delivered few words saying that 15 to 20 individuals from Team Miracle performed an excellent job in creating and deploying the third version of our corporate website v 3.0.

The event continued in finding out the luckiest Miraclite by making the employees play the lucky game in which they blasted the balloons to find a lucky chit. With all joy and enthusiasm the event carried out with cultural activities that boosted up the energy of Miracle Employees. As per the remarkable achievements of the employees in the first quarter of the year, few of the them were awarded with the “Best Performer Award� for their unbeatable efforts at work. All the employees had a very good time in the event by participating in fun filled activities and finally closed the event with a delicious dinner in the night.

Best Employee Awards
  • Vissa Satya Narayana Murthy - Development
  • Moulika Parri - Development
  • Vishalakshi Bellapukonda - Development
  • Shiva Ganesh Sontenam - Development
  • Bhaskararao Lalam - Development
  • Vamsi Rachakonda - Development
  • Kalyan Kantimahanthi - Development
  • Avinash Gona - Development
  • Anand Patnaik - Development
  • Srikar Reddy Gondesi - Development

  • Sesichand Chelluri - Development
  • Suresh Gajula - Development
  • Lakshmi Kanthi Satavilli - Marketing
  • Geetha Sri Pilla - Recruitment
  • Nirosha Pendyala - Recruitment
  • Amit Kumar - Recruitment
  • Ravi Teja Nanepalli - Sales
  • Sam Anisetty - Sales
  • Sureshkumar Vajrapu - Sales
  • Naveen Kumar Alluri - Sales

“Best Performer� Awards for the quarter on the hands of our very own CEO Mr.Prasad Lokam. All the Awardees expressed their views about their teams who supported them and the hard work they did for achieving the award.