Pongal Celebrations 2015

January 14,15 & 16th - Miracle City & Miracle Heights, IND : Pongal is considered as the harvest festival of South India. It is one of the most important and popular Hindu festivals that we celebrated from January 14th, 2015 to January 16th, 2015. The festival marks a period of plenty, peace and happiness, while each of its days has a special religious significance. On the first day known as Bhogi, all the employees of Miracle City lighted up a big camp fire early in the morning at Miracle City Apartments and later in the morning all the labour working at Miracle were given traditional clothes. At Miracle Heights we had a Traditional Attire competition where all the employees took an active part and came forward with different traditional costumes.

Lakshmi Priyanka Surampudi and Durga Prasad Pyla were awarded for the best traditional attire competition. The second day is Perum Pongal, the most important festival which is also called as Surya Pongal. It is celebrated to pay respects to Surya, the Sun God. It is the day of a new beginning and makes people go for joyful celebrations. On this occasion Team Miracle had a traditional dining at Miracle Heights with huge varieties of recipes. And finally on the third day as a mark of respect to the cattle, the farmers best friends, it was celebrated as Kaanum Pongal that marked the end of the Pongal celebrations.