Pongal Celebrations-2016

January 15th, 2016 - Miracle City & Miracle Heights IND : Pongal is the Harvest Festival of India. This festival is called as the Four-Day long harvest festival particularly in the Southern India. Pongal is celebrated in various forms in different parts of the country. It is celebrated as "Sankranti" in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, "Thai Pongal" in Tamil Nadu and also as "Uttarayana" in some parts of India. The four-day festival signifies traditional thanksgiving to nature after harvesting the crops.

According to Hindu mythology Pongal is one of the most ancient festivals celebrated between 200 AD to 300 AD (The Sangam Age) particularly in South India. Pongal was generally originated as the Dravidian Harvest Festival as mentioned in the Sanskrit Puranas. In the earlier days people had a belief that this festival season welcomed the spring season for the agricultural community. In the present days, Sankranti is celebrated for four days as Bhogi, Makara Sankranthi, Kanuma and Mukkanuma.

The first day of Sankranti is Bhogi, people light up bonfires with logs of wood, old furniture and other old belongings that are not necessary. It represents the cleansing of all sins and the start of new beginnings. The second day of sankranti is Makara Sankranti, people offer prayers and traditional food to their ancestors. Third day is celebrated as Kanuma which represents reunion of entire family and shows cultural values. The last day, Mukkanuma is the day on which farmers offer prayers to elements which helped in harvesting.

All our employees celebrated Bhogi with great gaiety and gratitude at Miracle City and Miracle Heights. Bonfires were lighted at Miracle City apartments and cafeteria early in the morning. The floors were decorated with colourful rangolis and traditional pots giving a traditional touch. The employees in traditional attires gathered at bonfire and took an active part in the event. They were served a special sweet named Rava Laddu.

The second day Makar Sankranti, the grand day of the festival was celebrated with new beginnings spreading love and happiness. All our employees with great enthusiasm participated in the Kites Festival which was organised both at Miracle City and Miracle Heights. Special Vegetarian Dinner was served at Miracle City. They had a festival with heart filled happiness looking at a prosperous year ahead.