Musical Night

October 24th, 2014 - Miracle City, IND : While playing random musical renditions and self compositions the fusion tracks enhanced the mystical atmosphere at the place, which added further impetus to the food flavours and the matching upholstery. The musical night started with singers singing alaap and taking everyone on a soulful journey.

As the whole of Team Miracle geared up to celebrate the Festival of Lights, our very own band from Vizag, already set pulses racing in Miracle city on Friday 24th, October. Musical Dinner, a night of acoustic music wowed the crowd at the time of banquet. The idea was to give music lovers a flavour of aural music from every nook and corner of the film industry.

The crowds at the musical night looked completely absorbed as they also downed some heady beverages and munched on great food. With the way live acts are gaining popularity in the city, music lovers too are trying out unique party elements. Though many songs flew to fit the event's theme, the one song "Pani da rang vekh ke" drew instant applause from everyone.

At last the musical dine concluded with a message from CEO Mr.Prasad Lokam stating that we are trying to restore the complete set up at Miracle Heights by the end of December and make it as a beautiful beach resort to all the resources working at Miracle Software Systems, Inc.