Missing Tail

July 31st, 2015 - Miracle City & Miracle Heights : Is there something missing ? Found it ? Why wait then? Complete it! Missing Tail is an exciting event which entertains both audience and players who involve in drawing the missing part. This fun event was organized among our employees on 31st July 2015 at Miracle City and Miracle Heights.

This thrilling event was organized between 5:30 to 6:30 PM IST at our office lobbies, where few of the excited Miraclites gathered to prove their talents. A picture of a horse without a tail was drawn on a chart and was provided to the participants. Each excited participant was blindfolded and was challenged to pin a tail to the horse as their team members guided them with clues. While a pack of employees enjoyed misleading the players with wrong directions everyone at the event took active participation in the event.

All the participants were gifted chocolates and those who pinned the tail exactly or approximately were announced as winners. Five of the participants could make it and their names were put on our notice board. The winners were presented keychains engraved with Miracle logo as Miraclites enjoyed the joyful and amusing event.