Internship | 2017

A ring of technology has surrounded our digital Andhra, wondering why? This 2017, summer is really a good season for the students all around Andhra Pradesh who are really excited about their professional career and want to improve technical skills. The reason behind this is our Miracle along with AP Cloud has started an internship program at Miracle City for free of cost. Through this program our innovations team will train them to sharpen their technical skills and letting them experience corporate work environment.

Our Miracle team offered an excellent opportunity for the students who are enthusiastic in innovating new things for the next generation technology. A fantastic 6 week training program has started from 3rd May to 9th June, 2017 for almost 60 selected and suitable candidates. This internship program helps them to learn work in the corporate world in both technical as well as professional aspects.

Our experts are training the students in various technologies like Cognitive, Chatbot, IBM Watson and many other technologies. At the end of this training program we are providing a special certification called "Cognitive Developers" which helps them to crack interviews. Our team proudly announces that some of the capable interns will be recruited into our organization.


After experiencing an energetic speech from our beloved CEO and President, Prasad Lokam, students knew how smart work helps to grow in a corporate world. This opportunity will explore the hard work that our interns are going to put in this summer and enjoys a great pleasure to meet and exchange innovative ideas among them.