Ice Cream Day 2015

April 28 2015- Miracle City, IND : "I scream, you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream" It's a mantra to celebrate Ice Cream day. It is the day where the people of all ages will have Ice Creams with different flavours across the world. Ice cream is said to have been made in China as long ago as 3000 BC, but it did not arrive in Europe until the 13th century, and Britain had to wait until the late 17th century to enjoy the taste.

Ice Cream is mixture of a frozen cluster, milk, cream , flavours and colours. A typical ice cream is made from dairy products such as milk, cream and even a combination of fruits or flavours and other ingredients. The total mix is stirred well to consolidate the air spaces and is made to cool below freezing point of water to prevent the formation of ice crystals, this results in a real smooth, semi solid foam which is solid at low temperatures. The smooth, sweet, cold food has a special day named as "Ice Cream Day".

Hot blistering days are here and ahead and we do not need an excuse to quenche ice creams. Ice Cream Day at Miracle gave a great excitement, celebrated on April 28th, 2015. As it is a time for summer, our organisation provided favourite ice cream time to all the employees. Our employees had a cool and pleasant evening with ice cream sticks of yummy flavours orange, mango, grape, and lemon at Miracle City and Miracle Heights. And they felt euphoric and joyous with the tasty ice creams sticks they had. And so, they celebrated the first ice cream day with great temptation and excitement. Finally, our employees had a delightful day with the juicy ice cream sticks.