Employee Premier League

September 13th, 2014 - Miracle City, IND : As the 20 Years Celebrations heated up at Miracle, the first event that kicked off in the season is our very own Employee Premier League, a cricket tournament organized for the employees at our Offshore Development Center to showcase their talents on the field.

The tournament kicked off on September 13th and ended up in the last week of October, which lead to our ultimate champion. It was really a beautiful challenge between the Miracle City Sr. Development Team and the SAP Development Team, with the SAP Development folks reaching out for ultimate glory. They were titled the eventual champions with their fiery brave performance etching a awesome image in everybody's minds.

Nagendra Kumar Eleswarapu believes SAP team of Miracle Heights have built a strong squad who are capable of winning Employee Premier League title this year. The day belonged to the opponent batsmen who were in a mood to punish the spinners yet played equally good knock against the pacers including a blistering hook shot. Vinay Kumar Bommana played a career defining innings as his magnificent batting propelled a tough game against SAP team in the semi finals of Employee Premier League.

The 20 years celebrations for Team Miracle are set to kick into full swing in the month of December with a lot of fun activities set to kick in.