EPL - 2016

January 8th 2017 - Miracle City & Miracle Heights IND : Lovely cover drives, Stunning catches, attacking bowling. What’s not there! The 12 teams really came up with awesome game plans and made this EPL so exciting and interesting. Three months of hard work and efforts on the field by the players is just incredible. After a great battle, SAP Stallions lifted the cup by defeating the vigorous Mighty Bulls. Beating the top ranked teams in the last two days the SAP Stallions won glorious victory and stood as champions for 2016 Employee Premier League. Leadership is the scope to render vision into reality. But A desire, A dream and A Goal makes Miracle Champions.

12 Teams, 5 Months, and 1 Champion

Congratulations to the SAP Stallions!

Stats Leaders
Top Batsmen

Name Team Runs Matches Average
Janakiram Bammidi Miracle Indians 263 8 32.875
E.V. Nagendra Kumar SAP Stallions 242 9 26.888
Chanakya Lokam Miracle Indians 152 8 19
Top Bowlers

Name Team Wickets Matches Average
Ch Prakash Mighty Bulls 19 9 2.1
Janakiram Bammidi Miracle Indians 14 8 1.7
E Hari Kiran SAP Stallions 13 9 1.4
Award Title Player Name Team Name Accolades
Man of the Match - Finals E Hari Kiran SAP Stallions For his critical 10 runs and 4 wickets at the same time chasing a tough goal, he fought for victory of the team. His effort and winning spirit made his team to win the series.
Best Batsman Janakiram Bammidi Miracle Indians Consistency in batting even in the pressure and with a great knock of 263 runs in 8 matches made him the best batsman.
Best Bowler Ch Prakash Mighty Bulls An exceptional bowling performance by this bowler throughout the tournament made him to take 19 wickets, named him as the Best Bowler of the tournament.
Man of the Series EV Nagendra SAP Stallions An all round efficiency with 242 runs and 7 wickets throughout the match, honoured him as the Man of series for the EPL 2016.