EPL - 2015

November 8th 2015 - Miracle City & Miracle Heights IND : 8 teams went to war. 1 emerged as a true champion. 3 months of gruesome efforts and heart ended in jubilant triumph for the Mighty Bulls as they took the trophy home against the valiant efforts of the Miracle Indians. Overcoming adversity, to beat the Top 3 ranked teams of the tournament over 2 days, the Mighty Bulls are our 2015 Employee Premier League Champions. Leaders emerged, Champions were born, and true spirit and respect were shown to the limit as teams challenged themselves for eternal glory.

8 Teams, 3 Months, and 1 Champion

Congratulations to the Mighty Bulls!

Stats Leaders
Top Batsmen

Name Team Runs Matches Average
Chanakya Lokam Miracle Indians 223 9 24.77777778
E.V. Nagendra Kumar SAP Stallions 159 9 17.66666667
Srinu Pediredla Hawkeye Eagles 134 7 19.14285714
Top Bowlers

Name Team Wickets Matches Average
Eswar SAP Stallions 17 9 1.888888889
N. Kiran Mouli SAP Stallions 16 9 1.777777778
Chanakya Lokam Miracle Indians 13 8 1.625
Award Title Player Name Team Name Accolades
Man of the Match - Finals Chanakya Lokam Miracle Indians For his crucial 43* while chasing a huge target, he fought till the last ball for the team’s victory. He had lost the match yet he was titled as the Man of the Match.
Best Batsman Chanakya Lokam Miracle Indians For his consistent batting and some stunning knocks with 223 runs in the tournament, he was awarded as the Best Batsman for the tournament.
Best Bowler Eswar SAP Stallions An incredible bowling performance by this young bowler throughout the tournament with 17 wickets, named him as the Best Bowler of the tournament.
Man of the Series Chanakya Lokam Miracle Indians An all round performance with 223 runs and 13 wickets throughout the tournament, honoured him as the Man of the Series for the EPL 2015.