Dussehra - 2017

September 30th 2017 - Miracle City & Miracle Heights IND : Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra, one of the major hindu festivals marking the beginning of winter season is celebrated with much joy and happiness throughout India. The country has been flourishing to be one of the richest countries in heritage. Being part of proud India, this year also employees at our Miracle offshore facilities stood for lots of enthusiasm in celebrating the festival to its fullest.

Dussehra celebrates every drop of triumph over evil to the highest in the form of festivals, conveying message of benevolence, peace and love. Devotees observe athletic competitions, singing, dancing, and thousands of dramas based on Ramayana that are performed at outdoor fairs in local languages. Also, a dance called Dandia with colorful decorated sticks, and Garba, dance in traditional dress prove to be the most entertaining during Dussehra.

On this auspicious occasion of recollecting Goddess Durga’s victory over evil demon Mahishasura, all our MIraclites took active participation in devotionally socializing and enjoying all the fun filled activities. Sweets were distributed, games like balloon blast and cups stack were organized, and the winners were gifted goodies. This Dussehra at Miracle spread unity among ourselves welcoming the cool breezes soothe our hearts.