Cubicle Contest - 2016

February 16th, 2016 - Miracle City & Miracle Heights IND : Working at the same cubicle may be boring, yet everyone at Miracle Software Systems have made it fascinating by decorating their cubicles with innovative themes and ideas. The Cubicle Contest which was held on February 16th, 2016 was a creative activity for all our us. We the employees took an active participation in the event both at Miracle City and Miracle Heights.

The Cubicle Contest presented us an opportunity to customize our cubes and showcase our individual workspaces by decorating with modern talent and skilled ideas. The main motto of this contest was to improve the environment by decorating the cubicles. In other words it is a competition to encourage team spirit among our employees.

All our employees came up with some really innovative themes and various decorative items like oil paintings, hand arts, paper cuttings, balloons and many more according to what they fancy and have defined them to order. It was a festival for the eyes to observe beautiful representations such as valentine, snowfall, balloon floor and a lot more. It was a tough competition between the individuals as all the themes were really good.

We, the Miraclites put great interest in coming up with enthusiastic planning and implementation to keep ourselves live in the contest. It was really a tough call for the judges as they couldn't so easily come to a conclusion on choosing the winners of the contest for a lot of cubicles looked fabulous. They said "At last, we have chosen the best from the best."

Winners of Cubicle Contest

Miracle City:

  • Divya Karumanchi (Sales)
  • Santosh Kunibilli (Development)
  • Lakshmi Prasanna Reddy (Development)
  • Loka Ganga Supriya Pudi (Development)
  • Sruthi Mutyala (Development)
  • Srinivasa Aditya Mummani(Development)

Miracle Heights:

  • Uday Kiran Vuppala (Development)
  • Seetha Manohar Kavuru (Development)
  • Lakshmi Prasanna Bala Bommala (Development)