December 25th 2015 - HQs & Offshore : "Hark the herald angels sing, Glory to the newborn King". Under the stars, beneath the moon, soon the bells ring, the carol you sing right within your heart!! The decorations were up with the balloons, santa caps and chocolates, and there's snow on the ground giving a christmas bash in Miracle. .

A savior, a king was born, a baby just like you. It was the time when ignorance, superstition and hypocrisy were on earth. But his birth restored spirituality and peace in life. The child was named Jesus Christ and the day he came into this world is celebrated as Christmas. It was a day of merrymaking and joyous occasion of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ to mark his birth on 25th of December.

People began to stare at the christmas bash with rejoicing hearts. Everyone enlightened their cabins with shining stars, colorful balloons and prettified like Miracle Santas with delicious chocolates. A christmas tree in the lobby made the day cheerful and gave a glorious presence of mind to all our employees. Everyone had a joyous celebration by spreading the Christmas cheers around as it's the festivity of goodwill, joy and cheer for the sumptuous festive feast and made this auspicious day jingle and mingle, making all merry.