Annual Winter Picnic 2016

November 5th - 6th 2016 - Araku : Miraclites headed to Araku valley, which is very well known as Andhra Ooty for its chilling weather and scenic beauty on November 5th and November 6th of 2016. This winter trip made Miraclites to take a break from their extensive work life and refresh their moods. Team Miracle with their beloved CEO, Prasad Lokam experienced a long road trip passing through the beautiful valleys, lakes and waterfalls of Araku.

Enjoying the breathtaking and amazing mountain views of Anantagiri hills which turned the trip much more adventurous and thrilling. The hills were the perfect place for trekking that freshened the mind and soul. Miraclites also took the joy of watching the eye-catching sceneries and waterfalls surrounded by the forest area. It was a great recreation time for the team and the only phrase they followed was Fun, Food and Friends.

The warm campfire kept the bone freezing cold breezes away and relished themselves with delicious food and snacks. This trip brought out the hidden talents of Miraclites in the form of dancing and singing. And the next day started with the beautiful sunrise that added joy and beauty to their trip. They set their travel to a wonderful place "Chaparai Waterfalls" and had loads of fun in the floating water and graceful waterfalls.

The bright yellow bedded mustard farms gave a great chance to capture beautiful pics and also took the pleasure to watch honey farming. At the end of their journey they enjoyed a famous and special dish of Araku, "Bamboo Chicken" which was flavorsome and appetizing in taste. Through this trip Miraclites bagged many sweet and everlasting memories which made their journey end successfully.