Refresh America

Reigniting the American IT Dream

The Project captioned "Refresh America" is predominantly built up to provide all the resources a real-time software industry knowledge and eminently specialized IT skills while letting them to be paid during their training period. We at Miracle Software Systems, Inc. are gleeful to let you know that this project is all about making sure that the American workforce is accredited with the High Tech industry specialized skills to ensure that they will be proficient to rival in the global economy to acquire high waged IT jobs.

So far Miracle has on boarded around 15 new resources as a part of this project initiative and, still looking ahead for a better destiny to have 1000 new employees by 2016 through this program. This is a multi million-dollar allegiance from Miracle and its reliable customers. We all are victorious only when we can see that smile on the face and the pride in the next generation High Tech American workforce who perch as the best in the IT landscape.

Keeping in view that our desire is to make the American workforce to fulfill their IT dreams we made our headquarters at Novi, Michigan to be a great conquered destination for High Tech virtuosity that specializes in IBM and SAP Technologies.

Please do let us know if there are any American citizens or veterans who are interested in procuring into the IT space and we will be more happy to make their IT dreams come true.

Contact us today at (or) call us at 248.233.1175 for more information.