Miracle Institute for Leadership and Excellence

Leader of the Pack

Leadership is everything in a competitive world and at Miracle we believe in leading by example and action.

Miracle Institute for Leadership and Excellence (MILE) program is instigated to ensure that all our employees have the knowledge and skills necessitated to accomplish their tasks. MILE is a platform, which transmutes all Graduates into IT professionals with world-class training environment at Global standards.

At MILE we help our employees develop themselves and enrich their personality. In our curriculum we produce some of the best talent in the IT industry. We have one of the most efficient and rigorous training programs, which help us to get our teams ready for the IT challenges.

Creativity and Innovation also play a major role in our team at MILE. Everyday our teams get to try new things and play around with the latest technologies that allows miraclites to be ahead of the game at all times.

MILE allows all trainees to follow their dreams and make it big in the IT world. It is said that Innovation distinguishes between the leader and the follower's. Miracle has been the leader and our teams know that innovation is the way to go.

24/7 access to international standard training material, professional trainers and a culture carved for success all contribute to the success of our leadership institute. Every year we add hundreds of pieces to the IT landscape and help make it whole.


IT Gurukulam

Through our IT Gurukulam we help create IT professionals with expertise in niche cutting-edge technology. Over the years we have successfully been able to nurture and deliver hundreds of budding aspirants.

United States

Refresh America

"Reigniting the American Dream!!" This is the vision and goal of our Refresh America Program. Started in 2014, we plan to train, mould and nurture young American Graduates and Veterans with niche IT skills.



Helping create next generation leaders for Future IT


Team Work

Enabling Collaboration for sharing Best Practices and Standards



Practice Accelerators, Frameworks & Reusable Components