IT Gurukulam

For the past decade Miracle's comprehensive training program, IT Gurukulam has taken in, nurtured and developed hundreds of IT professionals. By bringing together industry, technology and skill the program takes in young and aspiring graduates to turn them into World Class Professionals. Following the industry trends and updating the curriculum with cutting-edge technology the program has become one the best in the IT space and is well known for its quality and efficiency.

For the past 15 years we have successfully delivered technical excellence for 100 ITG batches, the IT Gurukulam has quickly become a staple house for talented individuals and helps to provide Miracle with some of the brightest talents in the country. Taking in young individuals, the program helps to mould and nurture them to understand the values of teamwork, the enterprise software world and the intricacies of IT.

Technology Exposure

Being constantly updated to ensure that we are up to speed with the market changes, the program is known for its rigorous and fast-paced approach. Spanning over a period of 3 months, the students are polished from basic programming to tool-based enterprise implementations.

Some of the various roles that trainees are placed into through the program are :

  • Integration Developers
  • B2B/EDI Mappers
  • Database Administrators
  • Infrastructure Administrators
  • J2EE Developers
  • .NET Developers
  • SAP Functional Admins
  • Commerce Developers
  • Lab Researchers

Over the 3 month course the trainees are taught the basics of Command Line Commands(UNIX/Windows), writing Batch/Shell Scripts, OOP programming basics, Web Programming and Frameworks and Middleware concepts as well.

Even though there are multiple factors behind the success of the program, some of the main factors are,

  • Practical approach to technology helps the students to understand the what and why of programming
  • Interaction with Industry Experts helps to give the students exposure to how enterprises are leveraging IT
  • Rigorous and Dedicated Program helps the students to go through a well-cultivated and focussed program

Empowering Professionals

The program not only focusses on the technology aspects of a trainee, but it also takes care of preparing them for the industry by exposing them to various personality development mechanisms. A built-in and enhanced curriculum helps the students to understand the importance of communications and presentation skills along with a confident attitude and personality.

Shadow the Experts

Our program also includes Shadow-The-Experts module which enables these young and talented trainees to take a sneak peak into the everyday work of IT professionals. This helps for them to quickly learn from the experienced employees and see the various challenges and strategies used in real-time projects.

Joining the program

The IT Gurukulam Program is currently offered by Miracle at 2 locations(Mentioned Below). All candidates have to go through a thorough interview process before being selected into the program. Do you think that you have the calibre to be a Miraclite, then come check your talent at one of our Job Events.