Our IoT Services Explained

Miracle has been a thought leader in the space of IoT over the last few years. Through our Digital Library you can explore a vast amount of resources and thought leadership pieces around the space of IoT.



We use NextGen technology to provide you the right solution



Our teams love the challenge of being able to deliver to your needs

IoT Platform


Choosing the right IoT Platform is



We help you choose the right path with comparisions

Thought Leadership

  • Understand the client needs/vision
  • Provide a roadmap
  • Help them create a roadmap on how to get there
  • Share our expertise, case studies and demos
  • Help you to choose the right platform

Pilots and POC’s

  • Our Innovation Labs has hands-on experience with major IoT Platforms
  • 25+ research associates ready to build a POC on the platform of your choice
  • Less turnaround time for an IoT Pilot/POC
  • Skill Set

Professional Services

  • Rich set of resources ready to help in all phases of the solution
  • Requirement gathering
  • Solution design
  • Implementation
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance


  • Define the use cases
  • Meet with the stakeholders
  • Create a reference architecture and design
  • Efforts and Estimates
  • Build, Deploy, and Test the solution

For more information about Miracle’s IoT Solutions and Offerings, reach out to iot@miraclesoft.com