Our IoT Solution Anatomy

Connecting things is the new business driver that can help differentiate your organization. So, what does it mean to build a Enterprise-Grade IoT Solution? Multiple data sources, heterogenous data formats, numerous protocols, and complex systems make building an IoT solution not so easy. Through the following solution anatomy you can understand what it takes to create the next big IoT idea.

From the device to the gateway, all the way to the end user experience – each component plays its own unique part in the solution. It is important to understand the various messaging protocols such as AMQP, MQTT and STOMP, along with the numerous nuances of a fully blown IoT platform such as Device Management, Security and Integration.


  • From your data to the devices, security is a crucial part of an IoT Solution. Authentication of your devices helps to provide proper identity for all the data and will also ensure that rogue attacks cannot take place within your gateway. It is important to ensure that the data that is flowing through your devices, gateway and data stores is secured and encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Security for IoT can be considered through the following key areas,
    • Device Identification and Authentication
    • Application Authorization for Data Access
    • Data Encryption and Protection
    • User Identity Management
  • Data transfer, transformation and persistence are key for any IoT solution, hence defining proper messaging parameters will be critical for the success of an real-time application. Your platform must support, if needed, the application of rules to be performed on an event.
  • Important messaging options that should be considered during the build of an IoT solution are,
    • Device-to-Device Messaging Protocol
    • Device-to-Gateway Messaging Protocol
    • Stream Messaging and Event Processing
    • Message Routing and Transformation
  • Data without analytics, your IoT Solution will be blind. As data streams through your system you will start to see value only when action is taken in real-time on this data.
  • Some of the key points to be considered when modeling your insights platform for IoT data are,
    • Data Modeling and Persistence
    • Stream Analytics and Event Generation
    • Real-time Visualization and Dashboards
  • Allowing your developers to easily integrate and build applications through your IoT platform will ensure widespread adoption. Giving developers the right access to data can always be tricky and this is where an API Gateway will assist in providing fine-grained access controls, usage analytics and security for your IoT solution.

For more information regarding Miracle’s view of an Enterprise IoT Solution Anatomy, please reach out to iot@miraclesoft.com