Bring IoT Home

50 Billion Devices by 2020! Smart Homes, Intelligent Stores and Healthier Machines are entering our lives today. Are you looking to enable your teams to understand the nuts and bolts of an IoT solution? If you are then Bring IoT Home is the perfect initiative for you and your teams.

Through Bring IoT Home, Miracle’s Innovation Labs will come for a full day to your city (or) office and conduct a fully customizable, hands-on and absolutely free workshop (Worth 1500$ per person) for your teams. The workshops include a free developer kit that comes with a pre-programmed Raspberry Pi.

For more information about Miracle’s Bring IoT Home Workshops, reach out to

6 Hours of Coding
guided labs
Guided Labs
Focus on Digital

The workshop will include hands-on, guided labs that will start from connecting devices to the cloud, and all the way to consuming your IoT data in your applications. The learning will revolve around helping your team understand how technology maps to the architecture of an IoT Application.

If you would like to have our Innovation Labs team come to your city and conduct a Bring IoT Home Workshop, please reach out to us at today.