Internet of Things Offerings

The Internet of Everything will change the way that we interact with the world and will blur the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. IoT provides enterprises a new conduit to build connected solutions that optimize efficiency, enhance experiences and create new business models. From Retail to Manufacturing, the need to connect things and use that data to make smarter decisions is becoming a critical strategy.

IoT inception

The possibilities with connected solutions is limitless. From Home Automation to Predictive Maintenance, these solutions help make everyone’s lives better. But how do you build an IoT solution? At Miracle we understand what it takes to ideate, design and implement an end-to-end connected solution and through our Innovation Labs can deliver to you the best-in-class.

Our IoT Engagement Cycle

Our team will engage to you from the start to ensure that we can understand and assist with the end-to-end solution architecture and implementation, from proof-of-concepts to production solutions.

Engagement Cycle

The 20,000 Foot View

Devices, protocols, applications, and more – an IoT Solution is a conglomeration of numerous technologies and tools that help make it work. So what does a real IoT solution look like, what are the components that make it work. Check out this 20,000 Foot View of an IoT Solution and dive deeper if you would like.

Foot view

What can you do with IoT?

While the possibilities are endless, there are some very unique things that your business can achieve with an IoT solution which include better experiences, higher efficiency and greater results. IoT is not just a cool technical advancement, but it is a new channel for business growth and revenue.



Outcomes and demand through patterns collected by connected things



Data coming from your network of things and expose to your ecosystem



Your devices and sensors as APIs to be consumed by your applications



Machines, homes and more through your application and networks

Our Partnerships

Through Miracle’s technology partnership we are enabled to bring the best platforms and tools to the table when it comes to building your next big IoT idea.

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