Patterns and Methodologies

Through Miracle’s B2B CoE, our team has gained strong implementation capabilities using industry standard B2B integration patterns such as Application to Application, Application to Trading Partners, and Partner to Partner.

These patterns involve robust network communication and security layers(AS2, FTP/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS etc.), complex data translation layers(XML, EDI, CSV, IDOC, Flat Files, custom formats and more), industry standard enterprise adapters(FTP, JDBC, SAP, JDE, Web Services, etc.) and robust application error handling frameworks.

B2BI Application-Application
B2BI Partner-Partner

B2BI Partner-Application

B2BI Typical EDI Data flow

Our solutions and services are supported by industry proven methodologies for end-to-end successful implementation. Our B2B technology practices work in tandem with industry standard best practices and methodologies for analysis, architecture, design, development, deployment and 24/7 support.

B2BI Implementation Team
B2BI on goling Support Team

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Case Study

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