Our Service Offerings

Miracle’s dedicated B2B leadership team consists of seasoned Business Analysts, Integration Specialists, and Technical Leads to support any Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Global Supply Chain, Financial Payments, Healthcare business cases and more. Providing B2B roadmaps, architecting business solutions, orchestrating complex workflows is what we do to help ensure your success through our commitment.

With over 150 B2B Integrations and MFT implementations globally we bring ready to use re-usable frameworks that help you achieve faster and efficient implementations. We can handle any-to-any format, standard and protocol based on business needs.

B2B & MFT Service

Our Core B2Bi/MFT Services

Through our dedicated practice teams Miracle can assist with the following services from our B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer Portfolio.

  • Architecture and Design services
  • Platform Implementation services
  • Upgrade and Migration Services
  • Installation and Setup services
  • B2Bi/EDI Managed Services

EDI Platform Consolidation

Some of the Enterprises have grown by Acquisitions and Mergers. As companies go through this process of M and A Process they also inherit along with the Business all the Legacy Platforms. This sometimes tend to be interesting as the customers might have multiple ERP Systems, Multiple CRM Systems, Multiple Warehouse Management Systems and so on.

There are lots of customers where they are still running 2 or more Legacy EDI Platform on both the Demand Chain and Supply Chain side of the Business. This is leading to multiple challenges - Duplicate Support Teams, Multiple Licenses, and Multiple Data Sources. These challenges lead to unnecessary costs and lack of visibility across the unified organization. Most of these systems sometime lack proper documentation.

At Miracle Software Systems we have successfully consolidated Several EDI Legacy platform some time different and some time the same platforms into a single Platform.

We help provide the following services:

  • Assessment of the Existing Platforms
  • Advise on Future Platform & Strategy (New Platform vs Existing Platforms)
  • Impact of eCommerce on Disparate Platforms
  • Reverse Engineer the Old Maps and Migrate to Target Platform
  • Consolidate / Migrate Legacy Trading Partner into a PEM
  • Help Automate / Improve on CI/CD Processes
  • Migrate to Latest Version of the Existing Software
  • Provide 7x24 Managed Services
  • Consolidate VAN Providers / Integrate the 2 VAN Providers
  • Implement Self Service Portal for Both Internal / External use cases

Our Pre/Post Implementation Services

  • Platform Assessment Study (Technical and Functional)
  • Changes and Enhancements to existing codebase
  • Develop net new artifacts (or) update existing Map/BP/TPP to meet changing business needs
  • 24/7 B2B Applications Production support covering L1/L2/L3
  • Performance tuning
  • Server Administration and Monitoring

Upgrade and Consolidation Services

  • Upgrade planning and consolidation assessment
  • Instance consolidation and TP Migration
  • Legacy B2B/EDI Platform Consolidation/Migration
  • Code conversion and data migration
  • Data archival
  • Testing and V&V (Validation & Verification)
  • Technical and Functional training for end users with documentation

Miracle’s B2Bi/MFT Managed Services

Through our 24/7 Command Center we can provide extensive development and support teams in a Core/Flex model which can assist you with the below operations and services,

  • Operational Support and Monitoring
    • Monitor the B2B Servers, Communications, Queues and File Systems
    • Perform Fix Pack updates + Test and Deploy
    • Perform planned updates, backups and archival
    • Perform Database and File system fine tuning on a periodic basis
  • Development Support
    • Coordinate deployments and backup of code
    • Provide traces, logs and others if requested
  • Break Fix Issues
    • Analyze any trouble tickets and perform root cause analysis
    • Fix the problem[Less than 4 Hours] and put request for enhancement if necessary
    • Document in trouble ticket system
    • Close the trouble ticket

Products Supported / Services by Miracle Software

B2B/EDI Translation
  • IBM Sterling B2B Integrator
  • IBM Sterling Gentran
  • IBM Data Power
  • Axway B2Bi
  • MuleSoft
  • SAP PI B2B Addon
  • OpenText BizManager
  • Seeburger
  • Oracle B2B Gateway
  • Microsoft BizTalk
  • Dell Bhoomi
B2B Gateway
  • IBM Secure Proxy Server
  • Axway B2Bi Gateway
  • Oracle B2B Gateway
  • SAP PI B2B Addon
  • Cleo
  • OpenText Bizz Manager
  • Microsoft BizTalk
Managed File Transfer
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway
  • Axway MFT
  • IBM Aspera
  • IBM Connect Direct
  • IBM Connect:Enterprise
  • IBM Control Center

Migration Services

Whenever there is need for B2B integration software upgrades (or) migrations, your business and IT teams must consider the impact to trading partners and internal applications irrespective of size of business and volumes - every B2B transaction is critical.

At Miracle’s B2B Center of Excellence(CoE) our teams have extensive knowledge and experience on upgrade and migration tasks across multiple products, industries globally. Through our experience, lessons learned and best practices we can help you take the next step.

Following are some, not all, of the migrations and upgrades that Miracle can assist with,

IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise to IBM Sterling File Gateway

IBM is guiding Sterling Connect:Enterprise users to migrate to their Sterling File Gateway (SFG) solution. The Sterling File Gateway product is IBM’s premier MFT platform and provides a central platform for all your B2B file transfers. It’s powerful business process engine gives enterprises the power and flexibility to meet their ever changing business needs.

Axway Gateway Interchange to Axway B2Bi

Axway is guiding Gateway Interchange users to migrate to their B2Bi product on all platforms. Axway B2Bi provides real-time visibility, simplified partner on-boarding and configuration, high security, scalability, built-in system administration, mapping services, back-end integration etc., Also, it supports wide range of current and legacy industry standards and protocols.

IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Upgrades

IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator (formally known as Gentran Integration Suite) requires regular upgrades and patch updates. Miracle’s deep knowledge of SI helps reduce down time and improve the success of your system’s health.

IBM Connect:Direct to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

IBM Sterling Connect:Direct is a point-to-point (peer-to-peer) file-based system to provide high volume, secure, assured data exchange, both within and between enterprises. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator provides a single, flexible B2B gateway that enables companies to address all of their B2B integration needs. It helps to connect all of your business partners—despite differences in size, geography or choice of technology to meet their ever changing business needs.

IBM Sterling Gentran to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator

Though IBM Sterling Gentran is a powerful product for the translation of inbound and outbound EDI files and messages, IBM is encouraging Gentran users to migrate to their Sterling B2B Integrator product. The Sterling B2B Integrator product is IBM’s premier B2B platform and supports some of the EDI standards not supported by Gentran along with real-time processing of files and provides better integration with back-end systems. It also provides a single, flexible B2B gateway that enables companies to address all of their B2B integration needs.

For more information regarding B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer, please reach out to b2b@miraclesoft.com

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