B2B Integration on Cloud

B2B Cloud Services enable you to connect, collaborate, build, and manage your partner communities. Ranging from on demand to fully managed, these solutions provide you with the flexibility to quickly adapt as business needs change and evolve.

Benefits of a B2B Cloud Services Solution

  • Improve and streamline onboarding and management of your trading partners
  • Enhance visibility and control over business processes shared with outside companies
  • Increase the reliability and performance of your B2B operations
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your B2B operations

Hosted Cloud Solution

Our Hosted Cloud Solution will migrate your current IT infrastructure to a secured cloud environment. Furthermore, we will design and implement ways to access your information via web portals and web apps in your desktop. This solution will enhance your user's experience by utilizing your applications via these apps from any computer in the world, including iPhones, Droids and iPads.

Hybrid Cloud Solution

"Hybrid Cloud Solution" for clients is needed to keep some services locally and some in "The Cloud". Our engineers will design a solution to maximize the use and benefits of "Cloud Technology" while maintaining the speed and efficiency of locally stored information. Miracle has proven experience in the areas of migrations and integrations between onsite systems and "Cloud" based systems.

Private Cloud Solution

B2B Cloud Solutions offer consulting services to create a "Private Cloud" at the client's site. Those clients that wish to keep their data locally in their offices, but who also wish to take advantage of virtualization and maximize the usage of their equipment, will be glad to know we offer our experience and deep knowledge of virtualization to build successful projects in the minimum amount of time.

Miracle's B2Bi Cloud Offerings

Together, Miracle's B2Bi and Cloud units can assist you in end-to-end implementation, development and support for your Cloud-based B2B/EDI engine. The following solutions and services are provided by our teams in collaboration with our technology partners,

  • B2B Integration SaaS and Cloud Services - We provide end-to-end, comprehensive services and support for the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator solution on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model
  • IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network - A cloud-based B2B integration solution that provides secure and reliable connectivity and collaboration with customers and business partners
  • IBM Sterling File Transfer Service - A cloud service for your file-based B2B interactions and an alternative to your on-premise Managed File Transfer solution; We will help you communicate with your partners through a single, secure, reliable connection while minimizing the capital expense and operational impact
  • B2B Integration PaaS and Cloud Services - Our experienced engineers will provide comprehensive services to develop or customize applications on PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model of your choice with service providers (like IBM, AWS, Azure and more); With this model, Miracle will make the development, testing and deployment of applications quick, simple and cost-effective
  • B2B Integration IaaS and Cloud Services - With our Managed Services, Miracle will take responsibility for managing applications, data, runtime, middleware, and OSes; Many IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) providers now offer databases, messaging queues, and other services above the virtualization as well
  • Axway Cloud Services - A comprehensive, industry leading API, B2B and MFT technology which is powered by AWS, with a virtualized infrastructure, integrated with your on-premise systems, advanced community management and managed services
  • MuleSoft Hybrid Cloud - It provides both a fully hosted, fully managed cloud solution and Dockerized containers for running and managing Mule apps, allowing to encapsulate functionality, shift deployment targets with ease, and expand resources elastically in response to demand; Also, it provides Anypoint Platform's API-led connectivity approach to B2B and EDI use cases

For more information regarding B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer, please reach out to b2b@miraclesoft.com

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