Historically, onboarding of trading partners to B2B networks has been a very complex task. Connecting a partner to a B2B Network typically involves the complex orchestration of,

  • Establishing technical connectivity
  • Exchanging connectivity information
  • Identifying security considerations
  • Exchanging data transformation information
  • Establishing data standards
  • Developing data transformation routines
  • Establishing special processing rules

These traditional approaches to implementing and supporting external connectivity campaigns are expensive and time-consuming because of the myriad of technologies and formats used across thousands of customers, suppliers and partners. The entire process typically takes between several days to many weeks depending on the trading partner systems and their capabilities.

Automating the onboarding process reduces time-consuming activities, such as data gathering, communication and testing, to reduce the cost and complexity of large onboarding programs. Reducing the manual intervention of onboarding partners eliminates errors and provides a higher return on investment.

Through our B2B Frameworks and Accelerators you can have,

  • Faster Time-To-Market with pre-built and re-usable components available
  • Reduced Implementation Costs with common use cases already implemented for you
  • Improved Quality through multiple instances of proven installation and implementation

Miracle’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal

With rapid evolution taking place in the market place, the need for a business to be flexible, adaptive and dynamic is more essential today than ever before. With years of industry and technology understanding under our belts, our teams have worked towards bringing a specialized framework to address tomorrow’s challenges for you.

Our B2B Framework for IBM Sterling B2B Integrator enables the rapid deployment and on boarding of Trading Partners using pre-defined business processes, code lists, maps, portals and other accelerators. The framework addresses several aspects of initial deployment, ongoing support and maintenance activities to ensure a much more simplified approach with a RBAC (Role Based Access Control) Web Portal along with enhanced visibility.

Visibility into the B2B/EDI transactions is a major challenge and extending that to be able to correlate to the ERP systems/Logistics Platforms/Providers is an even more daunting task. This challenge is solved by the use of our own Supply Chain Visibility Portal.

The goal of our B2B Framework is to take reusable and proven industry patterns and build them into accelerators to result in accelerated adoption of Sterling B2B Integrator. This allows customers to spend both their investments and resources on the implementation of business requirements rather than focus on the gritty details of day-to-day validating process executions and data formats.

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