B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer

Multi-Enterprise Collaboration is at the heart of nearly every organization and is essential for an enterprise to become efficient and dynamic. However, effective collaboration can be a challenging task to achieve due to dynamic nature of the business ecosystem. With increasing customer demands, varying trading partner capabilities, resource constraints and ever-changing industry standards and regulations, many businesses find it difficult to find the right strategy for their large ecosystem of partners, customers and suppliers.

In order to succeed, organizations must connect, integrate and synchronize their extended value chains so they may become essential to customers, partners and suppliers. Quickly being able to adapt to trading partner needs, optimizing supply chains and constant monitoring the performance of on-going EDI transactions is required to create the dream On-Demand Enterprise. For the past 20 years, B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer offerings have been integral parts of Miracle's Service Portfolio, with one of the largest contingents of certified B2B/EDI consultants present in our team.

Risk Free Transition

Risk Free Transition

Through numerous implementations and our mature transition management methodology, your B2Bi/MFT initiatives are in safe hands

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Our teams provide comprehensive knowledge management through a core-flex model along with extensive documentation during transition

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We strive continuously to invest into our customers to provide new innovation and improvement along with reusable asset creation

Innovation is at the heart of our team’s strategies, and our Center of Excellence for B2B lets us research into the common challenges and issues faced by the common business. This analysis has helped us over the years to quickly understand the needs of the industry and the enterprise and quickly build and adaptive strategy for optimizing your costs and increasing productivity.

Our teams have been able to build Accelerators and Frameworks which help in providing an insight into your transactional processes and brings greater ease for working with your dynamic partners. Seamless consolidation of your B2B/EDI systems and quick customization capabilities, help us to give you the best solution possible.

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Miracle’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal

Increased visibility into your Supply Chain is a critical strategy for any enterprise aiming at increasing efficiency and optimizing costs. The importance of visibility into your transactional flows only increases when you have global supply chain networks with increasing trading partner numbers.

Miracle’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal provides complete visibility into your Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay cycles. Through the various roles and modules available in the portal, you can use meaningful and enriched transactional data to track and trace the exchange of your EDI documents.

Managed File Transfer

File Transfers are an important aspect of today's enterprise. The Financial Systems need to generate a file that needs to be delivered to the Bank for Processing of Payments. The Salesforce CRM software produced a List of all new Customers added that needs to be extracted as a file and transferred from a Cloud like AWS and then be moved from AWS S3 to a legacy Order Management Platform that is running on AS/400.

Some of the most common approaches that customers have uses for doing this Batch Data Movement is as follows:

Unreliable FTP Servers: Several different use cases like this exist within an enterprise. Oftentimes people use ftp and a very manual process of moving the files leading to very unreliable, unsecure, and fault tolerant mechanisms.

EAI (Data Synchronization): Some customers use data integration tools like IBM App Connect or a MuleSoft or a set of Microservices running as serverless components on a Public cloud to do the synchronization of data between the various systems either in real time or in batch mode.

ETL (Batch Data Synchronization): Some customers use ETL Processes to extract, transform the data, and then load directly or use upload capabilities through File Movement tools. The ETL process can use Custom Programs/Scripts Load the Data into the target Platform.

The Perfect solution for managing the distributed File Movement is to use a traditional Managed File Transfer Software like IBM Connect:Direct or IBM Sterling File Gateway or IBM Aspera for doing this managed file transfer. One of the key attributes of this requires file Event handling, file audit and SLA Management, auto recovery, failed file retry mechanism and secure file transfer, High Speed File Transfer and capability to pick up and deliver large volumes of files and several other aspects.

IBM Aspera is a Software from IBM that is used by some of the Large Media Companies and others for moving Large Gigabit sized file at great speeds. This is a special protocol that has been patented by IBM to optimize the traffic as it flows on the TCP/IP Protocol. This can be run independently or as an add one to any of the Managed File Transfers.

Need help with Implementing a Managed File Transfer Strategy or to help build a Platform that can support some oe your new initiatives either it be a New Data Lake for the Enterprise or to meet the needs of your Applications and Businesses that rely on Reliable Guaranteed File Transfer to happen on time.

At Miracle these MFT (Managed File Transfer) Services are part of our B2B CoE and Delivery Organizations and this is a very specialized areas that we have been servicing several customers in the Financial Industry, Retail, Health Care and Manufacturing Industry Verticals for the last 25 Years.

At Miracle we have worked with some of the Worlds Largest installs with 40,000 End points that are integrated at scale for Managed File Transfers - handling millions of files across multiple clouds(IBM, AWS, Azure), multiple Applications on Prem and on Cloud , Multiple API and Multiple Regions and geographies. In addition also providing the capability for peer to peer ondemand file transfers. Also support multiple protocols and authentication mechanisms as the files are transferred within and outside of the organization.

EDI Translators & Comms

We do work with several Data Transformation tools like IBM Gentran, IBM Transformation Extender(ITX / WTX), XSLT, Custom Java Code, SAP PI/PO, Axway B2B Integrator, SAG WebMethods.io and several other tools. We have an army of Mapping experts who can do any Data format to any other data conversions / translations. Most commonly customers are looking for Mapping from ANSI X12 EDI Format to SAP or Oracle Staging Tables on Inbound Transactions and looking at translation from SAP IDOC / Oracle Staging Tables / XML formats to ANSI X12 EDI Format on outbound transactions.

We have the capability to build, test and deploy several 1000's of maps per Month. We also have some prebuilt mapping templates for certain industry verticals like Logistics, Retail, Automotive , Gas / Utilities and Healthcare. These mapping templates / reusable assets / artifacts can be adopted to your specific needs rapidly using our Offshore Mapping Factory.

We also have a standard Mapping Specification document that we typically expect to receive , but we can also work with customer specific document formats also.

We also help our customers with Migrating Maps from One Engine to another like for example between Microsoft BizTalk to IBM Sterling Gentran , GXS Bizmapper to Others.

Trading Partner Communication protocols play a very important role in the B2B Data Exchange process. Most trading partners are able to communicate using AS2, SFTP, FTP, MQ, HTTPS and others. The Biggest challenge that we see with the customer is the capability to have the communications run in a Highly Available , reliable and secure methods. Some customer have adopted a different engine for communications vs the Translator and BP Engines. This has lead to creating several legacy shell scripts for Handling this Communications and we have gained significant experience at handling these kinds of legacy environments especially around Cleo, MoveIt, Solarwinds Serv-U and others.

IBM Global Mailbox solution is an alternative to providing this high availability around the Data Exchange and Communication Protocols.

VAN: We also work with several VAN - Value Added Networks like the IBN SCBN, OpenText(GXS), SPS Commerce and Others. We also work with third parties for Testing , validation and certification of our customers EDI Platforms.

Trading Partner Management

Miracle Software has built a Trading Partner Management and Supply Chain Visibility Portal to that is based on Open Source Technologies like Angular and Spring Boot and integrating with the corresponding Back End EDI Platform to help automate the Trading partner Management and Onboarding Process. This Portal is also used as a Collaborative Self Service Portal to enable the Trading Partners to be able to get the required visibility and the update to date status of the Transactions and the Errors and the Inventories , Shipments and Others. This portal can give that Visibility and the Traceability of the Transactions in real time.

Trading Partner Certificate Monitoring, Management, alerting and communications with the relevant parties to ensure that the certificates are being updated on a timely manner is a very important aspect of this business. An Expired certificate will cause disruption to your business as the communications are not secure any more and hence the EDI Platform will stop communicating.

IBM Partner Engagement Manager software is a commercial alternative to helping customers with Accelerating the Trading Partner Onboarding Process. IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) reduces the time and resources required to onboard new partners while managing and maintaining existing partners. By automating the onboarding process, Partner Engagement Manager limits costly manual errors and increases efficiency as partners can maintain their own records.

  • Automated partner onboarding
  • Partner self-service capability
  • Enhanced visibility of onboarding process
  • Single repository of partner data

Our B2Bi/MFT Partners

At Miracle, we focus extensively on strategic partnership with product vendors, we work closely with Product engineering teams to get proactive assistance on product updates and patches for critical product related bug fixes and support tickets. Our CoE team can provide help with services and support along with software resale with our partners.

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For more information regarding B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer, please reach out to b2b@miraclesoft.com

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