B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer

Multi-Enterprise Collaboration is at the heart of nearly every organization and is essential for an enterprise to become efficient and dynamic. However, effective collaboration can be a challenging task to achieve due to dynamic nature of the business ecosystem. With increasing customer demands, varying trading partner capabilities, resource constraints and ever-changing industry standards and regulations, many businesses find it difficult to find the right strategy for their large ecosystem of partners, customers and suppliers.

In order to succeed, organizations must connect, integrate and synchronize their extended value chains so they may become essential to customers, partners and suppliers. Quickly being able to adapt to trading partner needs, optimizing supply chains and constant monitoring the performance of on-going EDI transactions is required to create the dream On-Demand Enterprise. For the past 20 years, B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer offerings have been integral parts of Miracle's Service Portfolio, with one of the largest contingents of certified B2B/EDI consultants present in our team.

Risk Free Transition

Risk Free Transition

Through numerous implementations and our mature transition management methodology, your B2Bi/MFT initiatives are in safe hands

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

Our teams provide comprehensive knowledge management through a core-flex model along with extensive documentation during transition

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

We strive continuously to invest into our customers to provide new innovation and improvement along with reusable asset creation

Innovation is at the heart of our team’s strategies, and our Center of Excellence for B2B lets us research into the common challenges and issues faced by the common business. This analysis has helped us over the years to quickly understand the needs of the industry and the enterprise and quickly build and adaptive strategy for optimizing your costs and increasing productivity.

Our teams have been able to build Accelerators and Frameworks which help in providing an insight into your transactional processes and brings greater ease for working with your dynamic partners. Seamless consolidation of your B2B/EDI systems and quick customization capabilities, help us to give you the best solution possible.

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Miracle’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal

Increased visibility into your Supply Chain is a critical strategy for any enterprise aiming at increasing efficiency and optimizing costs. The importance of visibility into your transactional flows only increases when you have global supply chain networks with increasing trading partner numbers.

Miracle’s Supply Chain Visibility Portal provides complete visibility into your Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay cycles. Through the various roles and modules available in the portal, you can use meaningful and enriched transactional data to track and trace the exchange of your EDI documents.

Our B2Bi/MFT Partners

At Miracle, we focus extensively on strategic partnership with product vendors, we work closely with Product engineering teams to get proactive assistance on product updates and patches for critical product related bug fixes and support tickets. Our CoE team can provide help with services and support along with software resale with our partners.

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For more information regarding B2B Integration and Managed File Transfer, please reach out to b2b@miraclesoft.com

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Case Study

Reduced spin-up time for agile MFT Changes using IBM Sterling Graphic Process Manager