Why Miracle

With over 22 years of experience delivering innovative solutions for enterprise customers, Miracle’s Hybrid Delivery approach is best suited for your Digital Transformation needs. Our understanding of the industry and technology enable us to deliver value added services that will help augment your team to deliver game changing experiences.

Our Differentiators

  • Reusable framework for build, deploy, and management of API proxies using Jenkins, GitHub, JMeter, and Maven
  • Framework to monitor and analyze API logs through Miracle’s Enterprise Monitoring Framework (MEMF)
  • Custom tools to convert API proxies into YAML extensions
  • Best practices on REST security implementation using TLS/OAuth/HMAC
  • Best practices and comparison between SOA governance vs API governance
  • Accelerator to perform XML parsing, XML schema validation, xPath routing, XSLT, XML compression, and other essential XML processing with wire speed XML performance
  • Accelerators on exception handling, re-processing and journaling
  • Accelerators on logging and monitoring, service orchestration, and MQ based use cases

  • Re-usable security framework that can support REST/SOAP based calls
  • Large message processing handling accelerators using MTOM/SOAP with attachment techniques
  • Automated deployment scripts using DCM/ANT/SOMA scripts from development to SIT to performance and production environments
  • Maintenance scripts for enabling objects, start/stop front side handlers, and deployment policies
  • Accelerator to perform security and validation on a request or response to offload these tasks from the back-end web service
  • Accelerator to authenticate and authorize web service request with WS-security username and binary security tokens, HTTP authorization header claims and SAML assertions
  • Enabling message confidentiality using XML encryption

Our Customer Stories

For more information regarding our API Management and Edge Integration portfolio please reach out to api@miraclesoft.com

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