Our API M Offerings

From product evaluation to training, from implementation to innovation – Miracle is your trusted partner for digital transformation through the API Economy.

Miracle’s Offerings

Service Discovery

Our teams can help you analyse your exisitng Service Architecture to see which Services can be exposed as APIs to unlock hidden business value

Install & Configure

We can help your team analyze your existing architecture to put in place a API centric model + help with the Install-configure-maintain cycle

API M Integration

With our experience with enterprise architectures we can help you connect all the dots with your API M strategy to ensure highest business value.

Policy Development

Creating API proxies (or) building assemblies for transformation we can help with creation, deployment and maintenence of your Enterprise APIs

Custom Training

Over the years Miracle has proven with various customers to be able to reduce the learning curve for enterprise technology by conducting F2F workshops with professional instructors. The workshops include hands-on development which enables your team members to be ready for future challenges.

Benefits of the training include,

  • Availability of well-structured hands-on documentation
  • Rapid enablement and learning on your in-house
  • Identification of needs and changes in the technology
  • Being able to identify business use cases through understanding

Proof of Technology

Are you wondering if the technology can support your use case and fir your existing enterprise architecture? Through our PoT and PoC offerings, delivered by our Center of Excellence and Research Labs, we will give you a chance to collaboratively work with our experts to provide ROI, feasibility and value of the solution and technology.

Benefits of the PoT Offering include,

  • A collaborative approach to the PoT enables you to learn on the go
  • Through the offering you can understand if the technology is right for you
  • Your team learns through what is built and can understand more use cases

Offering Engagement Cycle

Offering Engagement Cycle

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For more information regarding our API Management and Edge Integration portfolio please reach out to api@miraclesoft.com.