API Management Offerings

With customers becoming more demanding than ever, enterprises are becoming more adventurous and blurring their boundaries rapidly. So what is the API economy? Today every organization, large and small, is transforming digitally - from the Internet of Things to Mobility. In this digital economy, APIs act as the digital glue that helps enterprises deliver compelling experiences by connecting services, application and data.

A new definition of the "Open Enterprise" is being created, with new revenue models coming to light. The right API Management platform can help you create a secure, reliable channel to rapidly integrate and deliver new features in your applications.

Miracle's Offerings

Service Discovery

Our teams can help you analyse your exisitng Service Architecture to see which Services can be exposed as APIs to unlock hidden business value

Install & Configure

We can help your team analyze your existing architecture to put in place a API centric model + help with the Install-configure-maintain cycle

API M Integration

With our experience with enterprise architectures we can help you connect all the dots with your API M strategy to ensure highest business value.

Policy Development

Creating API proxies (or) building assemblies for transformation we can help with creation, deployment and maintenence of your Enterprise APIs

Product Evaluation and Roadmap Planning

Through PoTs and Workshops we can help you evaluate and select the right platform for your API need, and can help plan your roadmap and API M strategy through discussions with product teams

We pride ourselves in being leaders at innovation and technology. Through our Integration Center of Excellence we help customers take a peek into the future. The team can assist with cutting edge research into the API Economy and solve future business problems with the available technology. We can also assist you with setting up an API Center of Excellence within your organization as well.

  "API CoE" : 
	"Reference Architecture";
	"Reusable Services";
	"Thought Leadership"
	"Infrastructure Implementations";
	"Service Governance";
	"Infrastructure Support";
	"Business Project Engagement";
	"Innovation and Thought Leadership";

Our Customer Stories

Our API M Partners

Through our partnerships we can offer to you the perfect API M solution for your needs. We work closely with product teams from all of our partners to ensure that we can offer the latest insights into roadmaps, strategy and feature additions.

For more information regarding API Management and Edge Integration, please reach out to api@miraclesoft.com

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