A research and development center related to autonomous vehicles, MAV Labs targets retail, healthcare, logistics and automotive industries. The lab combines IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, Mobile, Cloud and OpenStack Technologies to build components that meet the needs of autonomous vehicle programs, such as the Connected Car Program, across various industries.

By using artificial intelligence and other technologies, including integrated smart sensors, wearables and in-car video cameras, the data is used to detect and assist the driver with safety issues, such as drowsiness, attention, posture discomfort, temperature, etc.

This program covers various topics like OTA (Over The Air), in-vehicle network (CANBus), Electronic Engine Control (EEC), Telematic Control Unit (TCU), Telematics Cloud Server (TCS), OpenXC, Arduino-based IoT, Azure Event Hub, Azure Event Grid, Spring, Pivotal, WebSocket, Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT), Lidar, Dynamic 3D Maps using Machine Learning, OBD II Ports and Modems/GSM/LTE/5G, just to name a few that will be explored further.

Current Research Themes

Build a skill for Alexa to be able to connect to the car and do certain operations via the OBD II
Port Simulator.

Use OpenXC Platform data-focused API to gather the vehicle data and share it with an Android device or other desktop applications.

IOT Data Logger using Azure IOT Hub: Connected a Set of Sensors to an Audrino board and used the MQTT for Uploading a File to the IOT Hub and also had the IOT Hub initiate certain updates in terms of changing the Frequency of the Data Transfer. The IOT Hub used Azure Functions to update a COSMOS Database.

Our Demos

MAV Labs

In this video, we showcase how the car senses and alerts the driver while travelling on busy highways and through winding roads. This model was created with Python Libraries such as CNN, TensorFlow and OpenCV.