SAP Service Offerings


If you have decided to implement new SAP solution within your organization or adding a new module or rolling out to a new location, Miracle Software Systems can help you taking your organization from the whiteboard, approval email or minute of meetings, capturing approval to a fully functional SAP solution.
Our implementation services covered following :

  • Program Management and Delivery Services : Based on several implementations and a strong project management practice, Miracle Software Systems envisioned a hybrid delivery model encompassing merits of both ASAP methodology and Agile delivery model.

  • implementation

  • Turnkey implementation Service : Engage Miracle Software Systems for an end to end implementation, and we will take care of complete implementation from project preparation to transition to hyper care. We will tailor delivery methodology to help you realize value on your investment faster.
  • Functional design and blueprinting service : Miracle Software has pool highly accomplished functional consultants that can help you to build a state of art solution blueprint.
  • Template Rollout : Miracle has extensive experience in rolling out a global template to multiple Latin American and European countries. We can help you take your SAP system across the globe.

Managed Services

IT Leaders are constantly challenged with objectives of reducing costs and optimizing service levels. Miracle Software Systems has developed a unique delivery model that can help companies overcome these challenges to improve application performance and achieve better business results.

Our managed service portfolio includes, but not limited to following :

  • SAP Technology Consulting services : Determining the best-fit technical solutions for your SAP environment, including integration with other non-SAP applications. We can help you assess the best way for you to get value from technologies such as Basis, HANA, HANA Cloud Platform and Enterprise Portal.
  • SAP Operational Managed Services (L1/L2) : Providing 24X 7 SLA driven support for user operations including applications and infrastructure (Basis).
  • SAP Security Managed Services : Developing, implementing, and assuring the quality of role based solutions by managing the role development process through all the phases of the implementation lifecycle and post go live support.
  • SAP Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) : We work with you to design and implement GRC solutions that reduce segregation of duties violations, critical access risks across systems, streamline user management processes, and enable the auditable management of emergency users.
  • SAP Testing : A dedicated testing practice can help to support project implementation testing, post go live, development/regression testing, testing automation (SAP TAO), performance and security testing.
  • SAP BW Managed Services : A dedicated data practice can support and enhance all your BW reporting requirements in optimal fashion.
  • Analytics and mobile solution


Business is demanding change and new business models are evolving around every industry and every functional area. Excuse that you can't launch a new mobile application because you cannot change integration with SAP that fast in not acceptable.
So, if you want to modify your applications and solutions more quickly, but find them saddled with huge investments in hard-to-change legacy systems. You need to adapt a new paradigm for applications and integrations.


Service-oriented architecture and event-driven architecture are becoming the dominant design styles for business applications. The refactoring of applications from monolithic structures (where all software components are designed to operate only in the initially intended context) to sets of SOA modules (service consumers and providers) and EDA modules (source and sinks) is under way. This must be achieved without interrupting your existing interfacing with your business partners like banks, vendors, customers etc.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway can provides a simple way to connect devices, environments, and platforms to SAP software based on industry standards. The framework enables development of innovative people centric solutions bringing the power of SAP business software into new experiences such as social and collaboration environments, mobile and tablet devices and rich internet applications.

Miracle Software Systems can help you transform your SAP integration with best in class solutions.
Our services include :

  • Requirement assessment and design
  • Interface development, testing and delivery
  • Monitoring and support


Miracle consulting was formed on an idea to constantly innovate process and technology solutions. With this goal in mind Miracle Software Systems has established a technology innovation lab comprising 40+ computer scientist focusing on latest technology trends and developing innovative solutions for targeted opportunities covering following technologies :

  • SAP IoT Cloud Integration
  • SAP BoT Framework/Process Automation
  • Cognitive/Machine learning
SAP Upgrade and Service Migration

Are you at the end of your SAP license cycle or you are looking for latest functionalities from SAP ? Miracle Software Systems can help you migrate or upgrade your SAP systems to right level at most cost effective fashion.

Our migration/upgrade approach starts with upgrade value determination by answering following questions :

  • What will be the short-term ramifications of the upgrade ?
  • Will the move change how the company performs its daily business ?
  • How will the upgrade affect other parts of the IT infrastructure ?
  • What will be the long-term benefits of the upgrade be ?

On Demand Resourcing

Do you operate in a very dynamic environment ? Do you need SAP resources with very short notice or do you need SAP resources on a part time basis ? Miracle Software Systems has mastered the art of resource leveling within its delivery capability and as a result, we are able to meet any specific resource requirements to help you operate on weekends, part time, for the specific technology, to execute a POC, or to simply support your business.

  • Functional Services (SD, MM, PP, FI)
  • Technical Services (ABAP, Webdynpro, Java, SAP PI, SAP BI/BW)

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