Understanding Authentication and Authorization Methods for the CFO Alexa Skill

We recently built an Alexa skill for CFOs to be able to get their Account Payable information from an Echo Dot.You can check it over here! https://youtu.be/C9BKQmtmJusThrough Taylor,CFOs can access corporate statistics and reports easily, just like they would use an assistant - except data comes in real-time from the backend system.

So how secure is this skill? In this video you will understand how we implement authorization rules to ensure that only users that access to the data are allowed to interact with the skill and also how we use passcode-based authentication for validating user identity.

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Event Speakers

Mounika Chirukuri
Lead Data Cognitive & RPA

Miracle Software Systems, Inc

Sowmya Suravarapu
Cognitive Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems