Smart Car Parking system using AWS IoT and Open ALPR

Smart Car Parking System is a demo built by Miracle's Innovation Labs. It helps to monitor, track and assign parking slots in a parking arena. With the help of Ultrasonic Sensors which are being placed at inlet and outlet it helps in detecting when a car enters or leaves the parking arena. When a car enters the parking arena, a camera captures an image of the car with the help of a Raspberry Pi and Ultrasonic Sensor. The Raspberry Pi sends the data to Open ALPR to acquire vehicle number and will send to AWS IoT platform.

This video will shed light on the entire end to end flow starting from capturing the vehicle image, allocating slots to vehicles and monitoring the number of cars in the parking arena.

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Event Speakers

Aditya Venkat Chinni
Manager - Miracle Innovation Labs

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Samir Kanta Lenka
API M Research Associate - MIL

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.