SAP Order Status Bot for Agent Assistance with Microsoft Bot Framework

How good are your customer service agents? We're pretty sure that they do a great job, but what if you could make their job easier and the customer's experience seamless? Meet Alvis, the agent assistance bot for customer service representatives built on Microsoft's Bot Framework, Azure, and LUIS. He can retrieve order and delivery status data for your customers in real-time and understand the natural language!

In this video, you learn more about the various agent assistance models that can take place and how bots can help agents respond back to customers rapidly. You will see how bots can guide customer service agents to ask the write questions and deliver the right answers from your backend ERP.

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Event Speakers

Archit Gupta
Cognitive Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.

Harshitha Sikhakolli
MEAN Stack Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems