Nancy - The IT Service Management Chatbot Using Slack

How cool would it be if a chatbot could address your IT tasks through a messaging application? Sounds exciting right? Meet Nancy, our IT virtual agent that can help users raise IT-based requests through Slack. It can solve issues like system password reset, submit/create incident, check incident status, troubleshoot printer issues (Software, Hardware and Connectivity), VM management, and many more with great ease.

Watch this demo by our Labs expert, showcasing how we have made Nancy manage all the IT requests by communicating through Slack using natural language. It was built on various platforms like Recast.AI, ServiceNow, Nexmo, and Node.js. Also, watch a live demo on how Nancy seamlessly interacts through Slack.

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Event Speakers

Harshitha Sikhakolli
MEAN Stack Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems

Nareemani Nirjogi
Research Associate - Cognitive

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.