Miracle's Human-in-the-Loop Framework for Conversational AI Solutions

Conversational AI solutions are revolutionizing the way customers, partners, and employees interact with your business. But AI solutions also need help sometimes. What if you could bring in human agents into conversations between Chatbots and Users and extend the user experience further. Miracle's Live Agent Portal is an extensible and scalable framework that empowers Human-in-the-Loop scenarios for your Conversational AI solutions. It provides options for chatbots to escalate conversations to human agents, track conversational logs and help provide a holistic experience for end users.

In this video, we will show you how we integrated our Conversational AI Chatbots with the Live Agent Portal for better customer experiences. In addition, our team will demonstrate the features and implementation of the framework.

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Event Speakers

Kantreddi Yagneswara Rao
Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems(India), Pvt. Ltd