mInsights - The Chatbot Insight Solution

You've built a chatbot, YAY! But how do you measure your bot's performance and ensure that it keeps improving? With mInsights, you can analyze the conversations that users have with your bot and also measure the accuracy of your bot's responses as well. You can track returning users, most used phrases and average conversation length as well. In turn, this helps for you to measure and improve your chatbot's performance to maintain highest user satisfaction.

Microsoft Ignite is a conference with technology leaders and practitioners who are pioneering the latest in tech and constantly innovating. In this video you will see Sr. Research Associate, Shrikar Chonkar, demonstrate mInsights at Microsoft Ignite 2018 and how it can be used to improve your bots post-deployment.

Event Speakers

Shrikar Ravindra Chonkar
Sr.Researcher IoT & Cognitive

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.