The Life of a CxO when Alexa and SAP become Best Friends

User Experience has always changed with users moving from Desktops to Laptops to Mobile Devices to perform their daily operations. Now users are adopting yet another channel, Chat Bots! With voice and chat becoming more popular modes of communication, bots are the perfect channel for tech-davy users who don't like the heavy lifting of an app.

In this video we will be talking more about bots, their use cases for the C Layer, integrating with SAP and how Alexa can become your CFOs next best friend. You will see how vital organizational information can be consumed by users through a friendly, secure and natural channel such as an Echo Dot. We will also be talking about how you can integrate Amazon Alexa Skills with the SAP NetWeaver Gateway.

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Event Speakers

Anuj Tyagi
Director - IoT and Congnitive

Miracle Software Systems, Inc