Interact with AWS EC2 Services through Slack with Cloud Ops Assistant Bot

Wouldn't it be cool if you could manage your EC2 instances via Slack using Natural Language? Here is an amazing solution for it! We have built a Chatbot named Sam that allows you to access perform many operations on your AWS EC2 instances like creating an instance, providing pricing details of a specified instance, and start/stop/terminate an instance.

In this video, we will showcase you how we have built our Cloud Operations Assistant Bot with AWS EC2 using open source platforms like Rasa NLU, Botpress, and Node.js. Also get to know how Sam interacts with AWS EC2 services through Slack with a live demo.

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Event Speakers

Harshitha Sikhakolli
MEAN Stack Research Associate

Miracle Software Systems

Nareemani Nirjogi
Research Associate - Cognitive

Miracle Software Systems, Inc.